Making your CV stand out

How can I make my CV stand out from the pile?

Focus on creating three or four really memorable highlights that the reader will remember after they’ve finished reading. These might include a line in your personal or career goal that shows your passion for what you do, or key skills written to show a depth of understanding about the employer’s business. It could be something in your About Me section – something intriguing, inspirational or funny that makes the reader want to meet you.

Your career summary should focus on what you delivered and the difference it made – don’t write too much about how you did it: you want them to ask you this at interview!

Don’t fall into the trap of using coloured paper, coloured type or pictures – these are generally a turn-off and make the CV look home-made rather than professional.

For more tips on creating a fabulous CV, go to our CV pages.

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October 6th, 2009 | Category: CV, job hunting, stand out | 2 comments


  1. Paul A Bedford

    Great article. Do you have any advice for supplementing a CV with one (or more) of the online Web 2.0 services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace or evan a personal Blog as tools to market oneself for employment.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Heather Goodwin

    That’s a great idea, Paul, I’ll give it some thought. Watch this space!

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