Ready to Relaunch Your Career?

Ready to Relaunch Your Career?

Welcome to Relaunch Your Career. This place is for you if you have just lost your job, you suspect redundancy may be coming your way, or you need to get back into the job market for whatever reason.

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What will you find on this site?

Advice on facing redundancy, including:

  • Recognising the signs and getting prepared
  • Dealing with the realities of redundancy when it happens

Advice on getting back into the job market, including:

  • Getting your job-searching kit bag together
  • Searching for a job in the internet world
  • Doing well in interviews

In addition, you will find sections on:

  • Career planning
  • Dealing with the experience of being out of work
  • Fitting in somewhere new.
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  • Is your job at risk?

    Learn how to find out whether your job is safe – will your employer need to make redundancies? Find out what questions to ask, and who to put them to.

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  • Redundancy

    Losing your job is never pleasant – use this area to find out how to deal with the news when it arrives, learn about your rights and who can help.

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  • Coping without
    a job

    Start here for everything from signing on and budgeting to dealing with unwanted emotions about redundancy.

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  • Your CV

    So much more than a piece of paper, a great CV is your passport to interview. But, what makes one CV stand out from the pile? Learn how to make your CV work as hard as you do.

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  • Job hunting

    If you've not been out of work for a while, you'll need to update your job hunting skills. Read on to find out about finding and applying for jobs in today's market.

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  • Interviews

    No matter how experienced the applicant, interviews are the thing we get asked about most frequently. This section is full of hints and tips for making sure you make just the right impression.

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  • New job:
    first 100 days

    Adapting to a new environment can be anything from interesting to traumatic. Read on for some suggestions for making your new job experience rewarding.

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  • Blog

    We can answer your redundancy, job hunting and career questions on the Relaunch Your Career blog. Just fill in the web form further down this page.

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