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My CV writing and advice services

Writing your own CV can be hard. Brits especially are brought up not to boast, and yet your CV requires that you do just that! So, it’s very common to find writing about yourself and your achievements difficult.

Neither is it easy to recall all the things you’ve done and the qualities and skills you brought to different roles and challenges. Human memory tends to focus on what was achieved, rather than how we achieved it, but for your CV you need to remember how you diagnosed situations, handled challenges, brought people on board and made things happen.

Talking about what you did with an experienced CV writer will help you draw out all your relevant skills, abilities, qualities and capabilities, and showcase them to best effect for new employers.

It can also help to talk through what you want to get across at interview, making sure your CV includes ‘hooks’ that will attract the right interview questions.

Even if you have your CV drafted, you may feel as though it lacks impact, doesn’t bring out your best qualities or under-sells you. Even if you have all the right ingredients, making sure your CV is balanced, professional and polished until it sparkles can make sure it stands above the others being considered.

I offer CV help in a range of ways, from a CV review, to reworking an existing CV or creating a CV from scratch. I usually work by telephone and email, and my CV services for individuals are currently at a special rate of £50 per hour. So, get in touch quickly to take advantage of this low price.

I am happy to negotiate group rates, and will travel to work with individuals and groups within the UK provided you are happy to cover my expenses.

For more information, please use the contact form to get in touch.

My interview coaching services

Of all the things our clients approach us about, interviewing is top of the list. Capable managers who happily run projects worth millions, present confidently to roomfuls of people and create solutions that leave everyone in awe, often quail at the thought of sitting in an interview room being asked about themselves!

The difference is that interviews are personal. All of us at some point or other fight the feeling that we may not be good enough to do what we do, and that someone may eventually find that out. All of us suffer from nerves at some time or another, and worry that we will not express ourselves well, or dry up when asked relatively simple questions.

The answer is in good preparation, and in addressing and dealing with these concerns head-on.

Working through your interview preparation with a coach can help you get clear in your mind what you want to convey to the interviewer, and feel more confident about how you will present yourself.

If you are an individual, then, for a limited time, I will be providing interview coaching at £50 per hour, so get in touch if you’d like to take advantage of this special rate. For companies wanting services for groups, please get in touch to arrange a suitable rate.

I usually work either face to face or by telephone. If you prefer, and have the technology, I can also coach using MSN with or without a web cam.

I am happy to travel to work with individuals and groups within the UK provided you are happy to cover my expenses.

For more information, please use the contact form to get in touch.

My life and career coaching services

Everyone experiences career and life turning points; sometimes planned, but often unplanned. If you are well-supported, major change can be exciting and energising. If not, it can be daunting.

I train, support and coach professional people in transition, both in-group and one-to-one.

As both a trainer and a coach, I use a client-centred approach, so I won’t push you through a formulaic, project-oriented process unless that’s what you want. I draw on a flexible kit of approaches and tools which we can choose from depending on your needs.

As a job search coach, I work with you to create CVs and covering letters that really work, help you navigate the job market and make your job search maximally effective, provide coaching to help you succeed at interview, and support to prepare you for promotion and make sure you are equipped to shine in your new job.

As a life-and-work coach, my aim is to help you make personal progress in every session. We could be identifying issues and blind-spots, improving confidence, developing new perspectives on relationships, addressing patterns of behaviour, developing goals or relieving stress.

If you think coaching could help you, please get in touch via the contact form. I currently charge £50 per hour if you are an individual, and usually work by telephone. I am happy to work with you in person if you are happy to cover my travelling expenses. I have previously worked successfully via MSN, with or without webcam, so this is also a possibility if you are comfortable with that technology.

For companies looking for group coaching or training, please contact me to agree a suitable rate.

Payment and terms

The simplest way to pay for my services is to use PayPal.

Although the transaction is made through Paypal, you do not have to be a Paypal user, nor will you be charged extra for using it. This method works for all major credit and debit cards, or you can pay from your own Paypal account if you use Paypal.

Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or cash. Please use the contact form to ask for details.

For groups, or where an employer or other organisation is paying for services, please get in touch to arrange terms for contracting and payment.

I am happy to provide an invoice and/or a receipt as required.

If you are an individual, the first time you use one of my services, I will ask you to pay for an hour’s work in advance.

For additional and subsequent hours, we will agree a target time at the start of a session, and I will warn you as we are approaching that time, so that we can agree whether to end the session or carry on. I will confirm our agreement by email.

Heather Goodwin
October 2009

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