Job at risk?


Recent high profile stories in the media of closures and redundancies have charted the downfall of some of the best-established household names in the world, among them some real surprises. For all those organisations in the headlines, there are lots more staying solvent by the skin of their teeth – they include some of Britain’s best-known companies, charities and even Government-sponsored organisations.

No matter how stable you may think your employer is, it always pays to check, periodically, that the story you’re being told internally matches external perceptions. No business is going to share potential bad news with employees before it really becomes necessary, and some leave it so late that there is simply no time to get used to the idea or make plans before jobs are lost.

These pages look at ways in which you can find out about the financial status and stability of your organisation, including who to ask the right questions of, and how, in order to find out whether your job is safe.