Your redundancy rights

What rights do I have if my employer wants to make me redundant?

In brief, you have the right to be consulted properly, to be selected fairly, and (in most circumstances) to be paid redundancy pay in accordance with Government rules.

If you are facing redundancy, you will find an overview of your basic rights, and the processes your employer should be following, in this section.

However, redundancy law is complex, and this site is not set up to go into detail about all the possible variations in circumstances. For this reason, as you read, you will find links and signposts to more detailed information provided by organisations better qualified to go into the nitty-gritty.

If what is happening to you does not sound like a genuine redundancy, you may have a case against your employer for unfair dismissal. You are strongly advised to seek advice from your union rep or legal advisor before challenging your employer.