How to write a CV – a ten-point plan

On the following pages are some simple, step-by step instructions for constructing your CV. You may find it useful to gather all your old CVs, all your exam certificates, a list of courses you have taken inside and outside work, and any other source material before you begin.

You may also want to send an email to a few of your close friends and family members asking for input for your ‘about me’ section. Everyone finds it difficult to say what makes them stand out from a crowd, but friends can often tell us straight away, or remember anecdotes or things you did that impressed them.

Here is what we encourage our clients to send:

“Dear ________

I am currently updating my CV, and I’d like to make the most of my ‘about me’ section by using examples and anecdotes that tell the reader what kind of person I am. Please can you help me by reminding me of things I’m particularly good at. I’d also like reminding of instances where I’ve done something incredible, unusual or stand-out. Maybe it was something that summed me up, or something that really surprised you (or me).

Jog my memory!

Thank you”

Now start constructing your CV, and by the time you get to that section, you should have some useful input.