Planning for delivery

As well as a business case, you may well need a project plan. A project plan sets out in detail what you are going to do, when you are going to do it (a schedule) and how the project will be controlled (management and reporting).

It typically contains the following:

  • A summary of the project
  • A summary of the approach you intend to take
  • A description of project stages and what will happen in each stage
  • A list of roles and responsibilities
  • A budget
  • A communications plan
  • Details of how quality will be assured
  • Details about how the project will be controlled (eg via review meetings to ensure progress and sign offs at key stages to ensure quality)
  • Project reporting, format and frequency
  • Expected return on investment and measurement methods to be used
  • A project calendar or Gantt chart.

It is worth knowing whether your new organisation has a chosen method of project management and control. There are a number of methodologies (for instance, Prince2, GDPM and Agile project management), and project management software. If so, it may be possible to get the services of a project management specialist to support your project team.