2. Have something properly prepared to say about yourself

When carrying out your job interview preparation, think about the person or people who will be interviewing you, what kind of person would hold that job, and what they will want to know about you. ‘Tell us something about yourself’ is the most unassuming of questions, and yet one of the most difficult to answer well. We have seen candidates dismiss themselves in two sentences, and others talk for six minutes and still only get to their teen years. We have also seen candidates so uncertain about where to start they are unable to say anything at all. Others dither about trying to decide what the important things are, and do not get anything key across.

This question is probably your first opportunity in the job interview to make a great impression, so make sure you are prepared! Decide what the key things are that you want the employer to know about you. If they want to know more, they’ll ask! We suggest one sentence on each on:

  • your main or leading skill
  • what you are doing currently
  • the main roles you had prior to this one (keep it brief)
  • what you would like to do now.

Rehearse it – it should be no more than two minutes.