5. Personal or career goal

Under your personal information, tell the reader what you are looking for. You can do this by putting a section entitled personal statement or career goal. You might not have seen this on many CVs before, but there are some good reasons for having it there.

One is that it gives you the opportunity to state succinctly and right up front: I have this experience, I really enjoy doing that, I’m now looking to do this kind of work and so the kind of job I would like is that (ie their job). It is the very first thing the employer is going to read about you, and it should be a strong sell.

The other is that it is the first opportunity to show off what kind of person you are.

In this section, do not list out your good qualities, stating things like: ‘I am honest, hard working and a good self starter’. A reader is less likely to believe that you are honest and hardworking if you have to tell them. It is more believable if it’s evident because it sings out from the page that you had great supplier relationships or exceeded all your sales targets. Your CV should express your good qualities throughout.